Winter – Perfect Time for Tree Pruning

Why prune your trees in the Winter season?  Because you can have the best results with the least stress on your trees and impact on your yard.  With the leaves gone, the “skeletal structure” of the tree is exposed and long-term pruning and shaping decisions can be made by the arborist. This will ensure the tree look, and health you desire.  Dead, damaged, and deceased branches are easier to see also making pruning and removal choices clearer for the arborist.  Winter months are slower for all tree work and we are able to be more responsive to your needs. We can schedule work on days that best match your schedule.  Cold weather and short days are also preferred because trees go into a dormant state, sap flows very slowly, new cuts have ample time to begin healing, and the intense summer heat is not demanding on the trees.  Call us for a free arborist evaluation of your property and begin your long-term care of your treasured trees today.  757 206 9073.