Tree Removal

Do You Need a Tree Removed?

If you have decided, or are thinking about having a tree removed from your property we can help. We will be happy to come out for a free consultation and offer our honest opinion and advice. Sometimes a tree can be saved through pruning or treatment, other times it is best to remove the tree.

If you wish to remove a tree we are able to do so safely and effectively. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have different methods of removal that will accommodate those who are on a budget, or cater to those who want minimal impact on their existing landscape. We always do an excellent clean up job.

Why Remove a Tree?

Trees are an essential part to our lives and are vital to the environment. However, sometimes they need to be removed. There are many different reasons a tree many need to be cut down. Listed below are four of the most common reasons to take down a tree.

Hazard to Existing structure

Often times trees are removed because they present a threat to existing property such as a home, garage, or other structures.The Williamsburg area must deal with hurricanes, and other severe weather conditions that cause trees to fall. Removing a large tree in reach of a home or other existing structure can greatly reduce the risk of costly storm damage, injury, and death.

Landscaping and Design

In some cases a homeowner may want to improve their yard’s appearance. Moving forward with a new or improved landscaping design may require removing a tree.

Dead or Damaged Tree

Trees eventually die like any other living thing. If a tree is dead, or diseased it is a good idea to have it removed. Dead trees are dangerous and will eventually fall down and drop limbs which could potentially cause damage to property, injury, or even death.

Fallen or Leaning Tree

Storms and strong winds will often uproot a tree and cause it to fall or lean. In either case such a tree should be removed. Even if a tree is uprooted and leaning away from a home a strong wind can easily push it the other way causing it to fall on a home or damage other structures.