Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Services

Dan’s Tree Service can take care of all your tree pruning and trimming needs.

Pruning trees regularly keeps them healthy and beautiful. Dan’s Tree Service is able to trim trees using various methods particular to each tree species as well as the look you want for your yard and landscaping.

We can assist you with determining how best to trim your tree(s) to make them more storm resistant, allow more light to your yard, protect your house from over hanging large branches, and improve the overall visual appeal. All tree pruning and trimming services are provided with the utmost care to avoid harming the tree and maintaining the tree’s structural integrity.

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We can safely and effectively prune any dangerous, dead, hazardous or crossing tree limbs to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

Types of Tree Pruning Services Offered:

  • Crown Cleaning – We will assist you by pruning dead and diseased limbs, excess branches, and touching limbs out of the crown of your tree. We can evaluate your situation based on many factors such as the tree’s species and location, as well as the nearness to necessary resources.
  • Crown Thinning – The benefits of thinning the crown of tree go beyond simply removing sucker growth or touching limbs. The careful removal of interior limbs can help reduce the chances of a tree blowing over in strong winds. It can also provide additional sunlight for your yard.
  • Crown Raising – Another option for your tree would be crown raising. This practice involves raising the lower limbs on a tree in order to increase the clearance from the ground to the lowest branches. Crown raising assists when branches are intruding on a structure, or hang low over a driveway, road, or grass. Our arborist will suggest only those branches that need to be trimmed.
  • Crown Reduction – This is a method of reducing a tree’s height and width by a certain percentage or footage in order to prevent possible storm damage, protect a nearby structure, or deal with a tree that has outgrown its planting area.
  • Dead and Diseased Limb Removal – Maintain healthy trees is dependent upon the removal of dead and diseased limbs. Any diseased limbs found will be removed in such a way as to maintain the trees structural integrity and live branch structure.
  • Visibility Pruning – Would you like a better view of the river? Would you like some additional visibility as you leave your driveway? It is important when pruning for visibility that you consult a profession in order to make sure no cuts will harm your tree.
  • Shaping – This method consists of trimming the entire canopy in order to create a nice round shape. Usually shaping is performed on smaller trees and shrubs. Although this method creates a beautiful look for your landscape, it does require that you keep pruning regularly in order to keep that look.