Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding and Removal Service

Dan’s Tree Service provides stump removal for any size tree stump anywhere on your property. Tree stump removal can occur the day of a tree removal, or you are welcome to call us at a later date.

If you’d like the tree stump wood chips for re-use as mulch we will leave them. Over 9/10 homeowners elect to keep the mulch. Leaving the mulch behind is the industry standard and the typical homeowner choice. However we can haul them away for an additional charge and a dump fee.

We would like to also help you develop your yard following the grinding and removal of your stump. Let us know what you hope to do with the area and we will determine the best way to remove the stump in order to meet your needs. Various factors will determine how wide and deep we grind the tree stump roots. For example, if you hope to plant flowers, shrubs, bushes, or another tree, we will completely remove the tree stump roots.