Crane Services

Some tree removal and storm related projects are best done with a crane. We own and operate a crane for such circumstances. You may be able to avoid the expense of a crane. By having us out for a free evaluation we will be able to help you determine your options.

Benefits of Using a Crane

  • Less Yard Impact – Often the use of a crane can dramatically reduce the impact on your lawn and landscape.
  • Tree on House or Structure – In the unfortunate case of storm felled trees on houses or other structures a crane is the best option. By using a crane to remove a tree on a home further structural damage can be avoided.
  • Efficiency – Typically removing a tree with a crane is faster than the traditional method of climbing and dropping.

Drawbacks of a Crane

  • Cost – Projects that require a crane are typically more expensive than projects that don’t require a crane.
  • Accessibility Issues – In some instances access to the location where the crane needs to be positioned is unavailable. For example, if the crane needs to be positioned in the back yard and there is a fence the fence may need to be removed, or a garden may need to be driven over. We have heavy-duty custom yard protection plates that we use to eliminate significant yard impact. However, a crane is big and heavy so it is important that you only hire a company familiar with the crane they are using and the risks and limitations that come with it. If you hire someone who simply rents a crane you may end up with a cracked drive way or other damage.

If you think your tree service project would be better done with a crane please give us a call @ 757 206 9073.