Three Benefits of Tree Pruning

Pruning trees regularly does wonders for your yard, trees, and landscaping. Listed below are some of the many benefits to tree pruning.

Improving Home Appearance and Landscaping

Pruning trees regularly will dramatically improve the appearance of each individual tree, and if done through out your yard, will bring greater value to your home. By simply giving each tree a “lift”, or pruning the tree up, you will obtain a more “story book” like tree. Carefully shaping trees can remove those branches that obstruct the view of your home. This will greatly improve your “curb appeal” and leave soft greenery that will “picture frame” your house in spring, summer, and fall. Trimming up and pruning your trees will remove unsightly “sucker growth” and maximize sunlight to your lawn and ornamental gardens below.

Improving The Health of Trees: Protection from invaders

It’s a good idea to remove all dead and damaged limbs as well as tend to scars from storm damage. These limbs are an invitation to infestation from ants, bacteria, and fungus.  Your trees are expending energy every day to fend off these invaders. In extreme cases, dead limbs not removed can lead to heart wood decay (decay in the trunk) and animals can be the next invader building squirrel nests or even raccoon burrows.  The help of our trained arborists can eliminate these threats allowing your trees to grow healthy limbs giving you better shade and shape.

Tree Disaster, It May Be Avoidable!

By selectively pruning a tree you can greatly reduce the risk of tree damage to your home and property. This is done by removing limbs that hang over important structures such as houses, driveways, sheds, etc. It’s also important to remove any dead or damaged limbs that may fall from trees; particularly where children play, guests may walk, or you park your car. Finally, crown reduction,  (thinning out a trees canopy) can greatly reduce the risk of trees falling on your home in high winds. It is especially important to have us evaluate your large oaks and poplar trees, which are most likely to come down in a storm. Tree service can be expensive, but pruning can be a less expensive alternative to a full tree removal.

We are happy to consult you on these and other issues you want to address with your trees. Please call us (757-206-9073) for your free evaluation and consultation.